Our Process

Iterative & Agile Development Process

We at ZonTec, believe over the fact that no software component is ever static in the face of this ever changing world. Apart from the architecture, the mechanism that is used must be able to assimilate and annihilate the software into an environment in which specifications and the environment itself is constantly changing — enough though, it must be sufficiently in correlation to and matured enough to promise repeatable success without being imposed upon.

Our insistent development methodology, in simple terms, reduces risk and increases output on your software development inputs. Our team of experienced developers will help you achieve this by using the latest software development tools and instantaneously performing life cycle activities to upfront change to the desirable, instead of relying on unreliable expectations.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis
Design Document & Prototype
Functionality Development Process
Comprehensive Quality Assurance

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Our agile software development methodology focuses on the following principles:

  1. Individual as well as team interactions over the preferred mechanism
  2. Working software instead of an unfaltering documentation
  3. Customer relationship over contract negotiation
  4. Responsive approach to change over simply going by what was planned

We want to fully understand your expectations before the execution of project, so our first step will be towards analyzing and documenting your high-level software design requirements. During the process, we will have discussions over the development and we will document them to make the process a smooth sailing ride. This will ensure a project visualization mutually approved upon by the two parties involved.

Agile software development proposes cumulative and insistent approach to software design:        

  • The agile process is broken into individual models that out team works upon.
  • The customer gets the earliest and recurrent opportunities to look at the product and make decisions in regard to the changes to the project.
  • Errors and issues can be easily be fixed in the middle of the project development cycle.
  • Our development process is responsive, therefore, the project is executed in shortest span of time.
  • However, every iteration during the process has its own testing phase. It lets implementation of regression testing every time a new features or logic gets released.
  • In agile testing after the completion of one iteration, deliverable features of the product is delivered to the customer for feedback.
  • It requires close communication with developers to analyze requirements and specifications to output the final product.

We can easily streamline your deployment process through our robust and uncompromising process. We implement it with sheer impromptu attitude in order to automate the deployment to test or production servers. Our constant feedback mechanism and periodic retrospective meetings help us to constantly improve our methodology to meet and exceed customer expectations.